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A few weeks ago I learned about a little girl name Layla Grace. Layla is a 22 month old little girl battling stage 4 neuroblastoma . Neuroblastoma is a solid cancerous tumor that begins in the nerve cells of infants and young children and accounts for about 7% of all childhood cancers. Layla’s parents began blogging and twittering about their experience as parents of a child suffering from this terrible disease. I started following their story and read page after page of this mother reminiscing of earlier days and all the little things we take for granted. You know, lazy afternoon lunches, crumb scattered cheeks, sloppy wet kisses, long baby eye lashes, cherub cheeks and eyes that sparkle and dance with each laugh. These are the little things that as parents we often overlook or take for granted, but as a mother and photographer, I long to capture. I feel so blessed for every moment that I have with my little one, and that I am able to capture these memories not only for my own family but others. Little Miss Layla Grace has taught me one of life’s greatest gifts.  Laugh often, Live hard and cherish all those precious simple moments, because they are what makes each day special.

My prayers and thoughts go out to this family and all other families battling childhood illness. I ask that we all take a few extra moments each day to dance with our babies before bed, tumble with our toddlers on the floor and share a quick snack with our every busy and bubbly teenagers because THIS is what life is about!!

{my cherub}