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Skin|Connecticut and Long Island Boudoir Photography

Did you know that your skin is the largest organ of your body? That is the ex-healthcare provider in me! LOL. Today women pride themselves in taking great care of their skin. Lotion, facials, moisturizers and so much more, but sooo many women cover it all up! Why??  Being the mother to a young girl I struggle with how to teach my daughter to have a healthy respect and love for her body and being a woman, no matter her size… so what does this have to do with Boudoir??


To me, Boudoir photography is capturing the essence and beauty in being a woman. It is being proud of your “curves” and feeling comfortable in your own skin! And who says you have to be 20 years olds to do boudoir!!

The following is a mere “glimpse” into the beauty of Boudoir.. can you guess the age of my annonymous model???

I’ll let you look at the pictures first and then YOU decide and find out at the end  😉

She’s 51 years old and a grandma!!! See, told you ALL women, regardless of age and size are Beautiful!

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