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WOTY | CT, Long Island, NY, NYC Wedding Photographer | Lexi-Bella Photography

This year we had the pleasure of being the exclusive photographer for Long Island Weddings’ “Wedding of the Year”.  The event showcased some of NY’s finest vendors and hottest trends for the season. The day started out quite early for Robert and I as we made our way out to the south shore of Long Island in this January’s snowstorm! It was a long ride but we made it safely and warmed up by the fire as everyone got ready! While I do love to photograph outdoors as much as possible and I would have taken everyone out in a heartbeat into the snow, the freezing rain combined with strong winds led me to quickly visualize a beautiful and dramatic concept for photographing these lovely ladies indoors. “Old Hollywood” was a huge inspiration in terms of lighting – based on the girls looks – and so we dove in full force and the results were stunning!

I decided to showcase the images in a unique and edgy way. Since our style is very editorial, I laid out the images in a magazine to display the event as it unfolded that day! Here is a beautiful look into an incredible day!

Click the cover to see the Love, Illuminated Magazine featuring The Wedding of the Year!

For a closer look at all the images from the magazine click here!

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new | CT, Long Island, NY newborn photographer | Lexi-Bella Photography

Because at the end of the day, what it really comes down to are small moments in time, when life stands still, you breathe deeply and absorb the love that surrounds you as you watch that sweet new life that you created with the one you love. These are the moments of this incredible journey called parenthood that you want to remember ♥