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Best of 2011 | Connecticut & Long Island Child Photographer | Lexi-Bella Photography


Every once in a while I love to go back and look at past sessions to see how I’ve grown and evolved as an artist. This year, I thought it would be fun to share that with all of you so I spent a few days compiling a list of some of my favorite images from 2011 that are a good representation of my work and the emotion and connection I strive to capture at each session.

2011 was an incredible year for me in finding my voice as an artist. I learned that I love, more than anything to capture emotion. But not just any emotion the connection between people, children, families and couples between each other and their environment. I learned that I like the focus of my images to be on the person I am photographing without a lot of distracting objects or props. I learned that I crave beautiful lighting. If you’ve worked with me you know I spend a lot of time wandering in circles almost in a daze when in fact I’m finding the perfect spot to make the image shine. I learned that I’m a perfectionist and that every detail must be in place and therefor I’m constantly giving direction and changing things to get that perfect image. I learned to never wear new jeans on a session because I spend way too much time lying in the dirt. I learned that in the summer time I should really invest in a par of knee pads since I tend to spend a lot of time crawling on my knees after toddlers. I learned that I love to watch children what they do best, giggle, laugh, dance in circles, search for fairies and slay dragons. I learned that I am at my happiest when I’m working, a gift that not many people have. I can be having the most miserable day but go to a session and leave feeling rejuvenated and alive.

I learned that I need to be photographing life as it evolves constantly. There are times I sit on my hands because I’m itching so bad to grab that camera and capture something.

This year I learned that I truly have a gift and will finally say it out-loud. For years people have been telling me but I could never say the words.

This year I learned that I am extremely lucky to have found a career that brings me so much pleasure and happiness that I never knew I could have. I learned that I love my clients and how excited they are to work with me, it is a humbling experience. I learned that I love children and each child I work with leaves an impression on my heart and my heart continues to grow larger each year.

So, 2012. Where will 2012 bring me? I may start traveling for portrait sessions so if you are interested, email me. I will continue to focus even more in depth on connections and emotion and continue to study light and how to best manipulate it. But best of all, 2012 will bring many new and many old faces looking for me to capture them, and their families and the love and joy they have when they are together!

2012 will be an incredible year and I can’t wait to meet some new faces and see some old as well!

For now, a glimpse into some of my favorites from 2011, here are just a few….



























Light | Connecticut & Long Island Child Photographer | Lexi-Bella Photography

I hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday season whether it be Christmas or Hanukkah. I’ve always loved candles and how they remind us how something so small and simple, like a candle or a child can create such a strong and beautiful light, and when we join together how that light shines even brighter. This holiday season, I hope that the light of all that is beautiful and pure shine in all of your hearts. Here is to an incredible end of 2011 an joyous 2012 for All!

Smile | Connecticut & Long Island Engagement Photographer | Lexi-Bella Photography

Have you ever met someone and found that they had this incredible energy that you just wanted to be around? The type of person that when you are around them you feel better, you feel happy, you feel full of life? Well that is Lizzie. WOw, from the moment I met her she had this incredible energy about her it’s no wonder that Joe is so madly in love with her. Not to mention that she is gorgeous with an infectious smile that makes everyone around her feel good! Congrats Joe, you got yourself and AMAZING girl!