Monthly Archives: August 2009

|Who said you can’t| Connecticut Engagement Photography

………… have fun in the rain?  Today may not have been the most ideal weather conditions but this couple’s love shone right through the storm clouds! What a great time with A and R today! You guys are too cute, and I know you will have a successful marriage!


|There is nothing better| Connecticut Child Photography

………… then a cute 1 year old, some balloons and a cake! What  you get is a sticky, sweet smile and lots of laughter! I had so much fun with little J. what a ham! Thanks C for letting me spend time with the two of you! Happy Birthday J!


|Rain, Rain, GO AWAY| Connecticut Child Photography

So I’m driving to today’s shoot, it’s a HOT but SUNNY day. I’m almost there and OF COURSE the skies darken and buckets of water start dumping overhead…. {sigh} We waited for a while and got 5 min of dry sky and a few cute shots…. Lets see what the weather brings in the next few days so J can get his cake smash in and some pictures of him and his GORGEOUS mama!!! In the meantime, Check out the cheeks on this cute little guy! Took every ounce of strength I had not to squish them!