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Evoking emotion | Connecticut Newborn Photographer | Lexi-Bella Photography

Newborn sessions are really incredible, not just because of those sweet gorgeous new babies, but the Connections! Because, really, if you know me and are familiar with my work, that is what I’m always looking to capture. To me, it’s not about fancy props and backdrops or eye contact. Its about Emotion and Connection; creating images that are not only beautiful to look at but evoke an emotion and a feeling from the viewer. A new baby, new life, new hope, new opportunities, new connections. There is so much going on in those early days that I’m starting to slowly transform my newborn sessions to capturing all of this. I want YOU to remember 5 months, 5 years or 50 years from now how INCREDIBLE it felt to bring home a new life, because really, this is what you really want to remember!

Basking in the Sun | Connecticut Family Photographer | Lexi-Bella Photography

To sweet Baby B. I hope one day, 20 years down the line or 30 when you have your own children you can see how on one gorgeous fall day in Connecticut years ago you made the earth spin for your parents. You rolled in the grass and leaves basking in the warm sun and fresh breeze as your parent sang songs and kissed your sweet baby cheeks. Know that that day, and for always, you will be the center of their universe and you bring warmth and sunshine to their lives. Look back at this image and see how your father could never stop kissing you and how your mother laughed and smiled in a way around you that made her soul shine. This is what your parents remember of your childhood, all these beautiful moments…. Take this memory and find a warm sunny field where you are and kiss your sweet children’s cheeks and roll in the leaves with them, because that is what your parents did and it made you smile so.

Photographs, they have a unique power and gift of holding onto sacred moments in life so that viewers years down the road can see and image and feel an image and even though they may not remember it, it will warm their heart. Baby B. will now always be able to remember and feel the love of  this beautiful day!

Motherhood | Connecticut Family Photographer | Lexi-Bella Photography

Gosh I know that feeling. All of the sudden your eyes open one day and 17 months have gone bay and that teeny, tiny sweet smelling newborn you once rocked in your arms is now a babbling, walking, climbing, laughing and talking little boy. And all of the sudden your heart just drops because life is moving so MUCH FASTER now that you have children and you desperately just want to pause time. So you scoop him into your arms as he squirms and you press that tiny face to yours and squeeeeeeze and take a deep breath in because you just want to remember this moment forever… Motherhood.