journey | Connecticut, CT Family Photgrapher | Lexi-Bella Photography

It’s no secret that my work is heavily inspired by my own motherhood journey, the emotions, the memories, the dreams I have for my family.

I think many mothers have had the same life altering emotions I experienced the moment I went from woman and wife to MOTHER…..

We share the same insecurities, the same primal instinct to love and parent with out hearts, the same fierce and overwhelming all consuming love for our children…

 Every session I go into I have to completely let my guard down  to truly connect with the  mom  I’m working with and “SEE” how she really truly is as a mother,

and to capture that moment, that bond, that connection that hope and overwhelming love is such an empowering

moment not only for me but I hope for her……

I hope that I can help each woman and mother that I work with really dig down deep inside and see how truly incredible she really is…..

XOX Maria