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New Mama’s | Connecticut Family Photographer

New mama sessions… because to me, that is what it really is about. It’s not just about the baby but how in one incredible moment after all that hard work and labor, how ever your birth story went, the moment they put that sweet, wet, warm, pink wiggling baby into your arms the universe started spinning faster, your heart immediately multiplied tenfold, this deep primal instinct you never knew you even had was turned on and you were a lioness protecting her cub. You became a MOTHER….. If you have worked with me during a new mother session you would know that probably one of my favorite things is to just sit and talk while you are feeding your baby, talk about the experience, how that moment has changed you, how to listen to your heart and your gut, we talk about that primal instinct and the moment it was turned on and how it blew you away to have the feelings you are now feeling and how they are 100% normal. As reassuring it is to you, for me it is developing this connection with other women, other mothers that have felt the same way I did and still do today. Its building a circle of friendship and empowering women and mothers to follow their heart and mother their children, to throw out the guidelines and charts and “what people say” and to do “what feels right”…… This is really more than just a photography session, its an empowering moment and experience and hopefully a piece of time that will help you ground yourself to this experience and become the mother you are destined to be….. THIS is a new mama session…. XOX Maria