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It must be Magic!?! | Connecticut Family Photography| Lexi-Bella Photography

So I’ll let you in on a little secret…. the following images are just a glimpse into a 20 minute mini session, actually we didn’t even use the full 20 min!

Yes, I’m serious. Less than 20 minutes.

Check them out and then we’ll talk!

And this wasn’t even the full gallery.

Ok so less than 20 min….Yes, I promise you that’s how short of time I had!

So why am I talking about this? Why is this important?

Because people often ask how it is that I do what I do? Is it a special trick? Is it fairy dust? Is it magic?

Does the session take 2 or 3 hours and do you have to shoot 300+ pics to get 50 good ones?

And the answer is, none of the above.

Sadly, the “Lexi-Bella Magic” that I often refer to is not something I sprinkle on these kids to get what I get.

So what is it this magic? This is years of training and studying not only photography and lighting and perfecting technique, but knowing about children and what makes them tick and work at all age levels. This is being so comfortable with light and photography that the camera is an extension of my mind.  This is not thinking about settings or techniques but FEELING an image, anticipating an emotion or reaction and capturing at the exact moment it happens. This is setting up scenes and actions with the anticipation of the final product and helping to direct it to happen while letting the individual personalities shine through and still being aware of light and camera settings and what the subject is doing. This is all while getting mom and dad to trust me, to get those small little wide eyes creatures to trust me, while convincing these little creatures that I am a friend and we are here to play together so they can be themselves. This is about creating an almost instant connection with my subjects to allow me to do all of the above several times over in less than 20 minutes.

This is a Professional Child Photographer.

This is why famlies save, often times for over a year to work with professional photographers.

This is not just about taking a pretty picture, its so much more.

This is about investing in memories and moments so priceless and so rare that normall only parents witness and remember the moments, to preserving them forever in beautiful art.

This is Lexi-Bella *Magic*

XOX Maria