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We recently had the Incredible opportunity and pleasure of working with the staff of the Rachael Ray Show on a segment called “new mom trends” which featured both our newborn work and one year cake smash sessions! With the help of the Rachael Ray producers, we recruited 5 families with 6 children (includes a set of twins) for this incredible experience! How did we find these families you ask? Well if you aren’t a fan of Lexi-Bella Photography on facebook, you should be! This is where we show sneak peeks, share announcements and reach out for casting calls!

Here, I’ll make it easy for you, click here!

So we had our 6 fabulous babies and then came the fun part, WARDROBE! We wanted to represent each parent’s and baby’s style, so with the fun and fabulous birthday outfits all picked out, we needed a fabulous cake for each baby to SMASH! This is where Kristine from For the Love of Sprinkles contacted me to help out and she was INCREDIBLE! With just a simple description of each baby’s outfit, in less than 48 hours she had 7 (including an extra) FABULOUS cakes that PERFECTLY matched each baby’s outfit! She is FANTASTIC! If you are looking for a cake, cupcakes or other baked good for your event you have to call her! Click below to find her on facebook!

So the day came and we spent a few hours with the Crew of the Rachael Ray Show setting up, and then the fun part, or so they thought, the interview! Let’s just say there is a reason why I’m BEHIND the camera and not in front of it! LOL! All in all, it was a great time and the staff of the show really made me feel comfortable and at ease. Here are a few behind the scenes pictures of the day shot by Robert!

And the part everyone wants to see, those cute babies! We got a wide range of expressions, from awe and wonder, to curiosity and laughter, to overwhelmed with a few tears, but they were all as cute as can be! In no preferred order, here are the little stars of the day!

And, there is always a few that just don’t seem to like the cake smash. It’s okay baby C. I TOTALLY understand, who wants to be covered in sticky sugary icing and ruin that cute outfit and hair! LOVED Her!

A close up of those fabulous cakes!

So that was a ton of fun wasn’t it?

Another feature on the show were our newborn sessions, which I absolutely love doing. There is nothing like capturing those tiny wrinkles and fingers and toes those first few weeks because they change so fast and in the blink of an eye they become these chubby little one year olds you see above.
Here are a few images selected by the Rachael Ray producers for the show from our portfolio:

There is nothing like capturing a newborn yawn, I LOVE THEM!

The beauty and magic of twins, Its amazing how they are always so much happier when together and touching!

We had an incredible time working with the staff of the Rachael Ray Show.
It was an amazing experience we will never forget and we hope to work again with them in the future!

I’d just like to thank a few people who helped us out:

They are an awesome team with fantastic customer service who helped us with the launch of our new wedding Division website.

We are quickly booking 2012 and 2013 weddings and can’t wait to capture the new beginnings of so many beautiful couples!

Another shout out to:

Thanks to all the babies and families who took time off from work and were so fabulous to work with on this segment. You all were awesome!

To all of my past, present and future clients, for trusting in us to capture your most precious moments to treasure forever.

To all of my friends and family for believing in us and in our dreams.

And lastly, to Miss. Lexi-Bella herself, who inspires us every day and shows us the beauty in the world through her beautiful blue eyes,
we love you and you make us want to capture the same beauty for so many others!

Thanks again and we look to continue a FABULOUS 2011!

XOX Maria and Robert

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