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Born on the first day of Spring this GORGEOUS little “blossom” is the definition of “NEW”! I had the privilege of spending a few, well, more than a few, hours with sweet little N and her parents this weekend! There is something so special and magical about a newborn session, from the excitement and anticipation of the call or in this case, email that baby N. has arrived, to those precious hours spent with the family rocking and posing something so tiny and sweet. I find myself many times just grinning from ear to ear during these sessions remembering my own little one at this age and marveling over these powerful and magical little creatures that capture our hearts so quickly!  My goal is always the same to capture those wrinkly little toes, long finger nails, fuzzy little shoulder and sweet newborn smiles that make you melt and bring you back to those very special first days!

Happy Birthday Baby N. may your birthday each spring be a reminder of all things new and beautiful!

A sweet smiled captured just as she drifts off to sleep!

Those tiny little hands and perfect little fingernails…….

Curled up, just like when she was in the womb……

I love the little lines on her feet…. Pretty soon they will chub up and be gone!

And probably my FAVORITE from the session, a perfect example of the AMAZING bond between Mother and daughter. A powerful image of love and beauty, and they share the same smile!

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Who doesn’t love a GOOD “Love Story”?!? Well R. and S. sure have one! High School Sweethearts re-united many years later while S. battled a few health problems R was her ROCK and here they are FABULOUS and healthy and getting ready to be united as husband and wife in a few months!

We ventured out to one of my FAVORITE new locations for their “E” session and even in this crazy, windy, BRISK day, they totally ROCKED IT!!!!

Quick sneak OUT of the cold!

Who doesn’t LOVE a good “heal-popping KISS” !?!

Ummm can we say, MODEL in a former life???? Can’t wait to see you work that wedding dress!!


I love it… that moment right before you kiss… where your fingers and toes tingle and your heart just SMILES!!

I like a man who can really hold onto his woman….. R. Has proven his strength for S. countless times and you can just FEEL it in this picture!

Ahhhh….. “the OTHER rock” ! LOL

Congratulations to you both, I can’t wait to be a part of your AMAZING day!!!