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DIVA| CT & Long Island Children Photography| Lexi-Bella Photography

…… really what more can I say, the Divine Miss. M in all her Diva fashion ROCKING new pieces from Love Baby J . Lexi-Bella Photography has recently partnered up with this FABULOUS designer to bring to you the ULTIMATE Diva fashion and photography experience …… Here is a sneak peak into some of their new line!! More to come in the following weeks!

birthday suit|CT and Long Island Children’s Photographer|Lexi-Bella Photography

When parents come to do a first year session, or any session for that matter, my goal is not only to capture the personality of their child but to capture all the little memories and details that we as parents want to treasure, such as those cute, chubby, deliciously soft naked bodies!

This little dude TOTALLY ROCKS his birthday suit! Seriously……

The way you can put them into HYSTERICS over a simple game of Peak-a-boo!

I love when parents really get into the sessions and put a lot of thought into wardrobe…makes it SOOO much fun!!

Here is some SERIOUS cuteness!!!

I love his little round belly pressing up against the shirt and those plump little baby hands {sigh} they grow up so fast!

How about the nape of their neck that can elicit the cutest giggle EVER when smooched!

I love the chocolate eyes that are dancing with laughter and those round little cheeks and plump lips.

Or how about those chubby little toes and those sweet little arms that hug your leg and say,

“As long as I’m with you all is right in the world”!

one|CT and Long Island Children Photography| Lexi-Bella Photography

ONE….. that magic little number! That CRAZY, LIFE-CHANGING first year has concluded! It is the bittersweet moment when your little one is no longer a baby but a toddler filled with wonder and amazement! Meet S. who recently turned one! Mom said to me, “I hope you can get a good shot, he doesn’t like pictures much”!

Ummmmm …… OK?!?!

How about this one mom??

Hmm or maybe this one???

Oh no, WAIT …… THIS ONE!!!!!

Don’t you love it when they make a liar out of you??

A lot of people ask me, “Hey when you do those cake-smash sessions, I bet the kids LOVE THEM right” ?!?

Well, most do…… but not S. !!

It’s ok little man…… Just a little frosting!

And what do we do after a cake smash? Well in my CT studio, into the bath they go!

Won’t that look cute blown up in a bathroom?!?

Happy Birthday Baby S.  or should I say, Mr. S. !!! I wish you many, many more!