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STOP|CT and Long Island Photographer|Lexi-Bella Photography

…… and smell the roses, or the blue bells or blow on a dandelion. This is my message to you all, especially in these hectic times we often forget to take a minute and stop and see the beauty that is around us and marvel over how perfect and beautiful even the most simple thing such as a “weed” can be.

It’s going to be a beautiful weekend here in the North East. So take 5 minutes this weekend to stop, look around you and see the beauty that surrounds you. Pick dandelions with your daughter, throw a football with your son or just sit and feel the warm sun with your little one!

Because at the end of the day, those 5 minutes can be some of the most memorable and magical moments that you will treasure close to your heart!

Have a fabulous weekend everyone! Enjoy the sunshine!

SMASH!|CT and Long Island Children’s Photographer|Lexi-Bella Photography

So what is the Most POPULAR thing to do for a first birthday? Ahh The cake smash that is!!! It’s funny, parents LOVE to do this and think their kids will love it as well! I mean what kid doesn’t want a large cake placed in front of them to eat right?!?!?


The truth is MOST kids HATE it, well maybe not HATE but definitely a weird experience!…..

Yeah the first few minutes they think its cool but after a few minutes of that sticky sweetness on their hands they FLIP!! LOL

Always fun!

I met this ROCKIN little man and his family at a local arboretum the other day for some first birthday pics and a little cake!

How cute is he? I’m totally digging the little Mohawk!

Happy Birthday D!!! I wish you many, many more!

“oh yeah! I OWN these two”!! LOL

LOVE,LOVE the little smirk! He’s like, “that’s right! Thats MY mama!”

and the SMASH!!! See what I mean??? LOL

First-Birthday|CT and Long Island Event Photography|Lexi-Bella Photography

I think one of my most favorite aspects of my job is capturing special events such as first birthday parties! From capturing every little detail that takes MONTHS of planning to every smile, giggle and special moment! So many of my clients come to me and say, “I’ve spent so much time and energy planning this day, I don’t want to forget anything!” And that is what I do, capture every moment so that you will remember then in 5, 10 and 20 years down the line!

Sweet little E just turned one in girly fashion!  What a fun and fabulous party on a GORGEOUS day!

the details were adorable!!

Cousins who share the same birthday and are the same age!!! How cool is that?!?!!?