SMASH!|CT and Long Island Children’s Photographer|Lexi-Bella Photography

So what is the Most POPULAR thing to do for a first birthday? Ahh The cake smash that is!!! It’s funny, parents LOVE to do this and think their kids will love it as well! I mean what kid doesn’t want a large cake placed in front of them to eat right?!?!?


The truth is MOST kids HATE it, well maybe not HATE but definitely a weird experience!…..

Yeah the first few minutes they think its cool but after a few minutes of that sticky sweetness on their hands they FLIP!! LOL

Always fun!

I met this ROCKIN little man and his family at a local arboretum the other day for some first birthday pics and a little cake!

How cute is he? I’m totally digging the little Mohawk!

Happy Birthday D!!! I wish you many, many more!

“oh yeah! I OWN these two”!! LOL

LOVE,LOVE the little smirk! He’s like, “that’s right! Thats MY mama!”

and the SMASH!!! See what I mean??? LOL