Monthly Archives: December 2011

Hope | Connecticut & Long Island Newborn Photographer | Lexi-Bella Photography

Because some of my favorite moments of motherhood were the simplest ones. I remember sitting on the couch in comfy clothes and letting that sweet, warm baby sleep on my chest with my two dogs curled at my feet. I remember watching the sun rise and learning how much hope a new day could bring when you are so sleep deprived. I remember that moments like this were so incredible and I never wanted it to end…. What a beautiful way to remember your baby at 10 days old.


Lioness | Connecticut & Long Island Family Photographer | Lexi-Bella Photography

I never understood the term “mama bear” or “lioness” until they put the wet, slippery bright eyed baby on my belly and then it clicked! A primal light switch was turned on and I no longer reasoned with my mind but a deep gut instinct that was meant to protect my baby. I love watching mothers, their interactions, how they respond and interact. If you watch closely, and you let them relax you can see Raw, primal moments that I love. A mother, holding on to her baby, and loving her. The pose is so Raw and natural and something you could see from all mothers all around the world. Motherhood.