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As I sit here enjoying a hot cup of coffee on this chilly winter day there is a faint hint of spring. There is a crispness in the air feathered with the soft faint smell of green; you know, that earthy fresh smell of wet moss and dirt. It is the smell that spring is just around the corner and soon we will all be opening our windows on those first few warm days, letting all of our homes get chilly,  but allowing that green smell of life to spill into our homes, rejuvenating our souls and spirit with the hope that warmer days are just around the corner. And with this I think of spring weddings scented with lilacs and peonies and portrait sessions with little girls in tutus and fairy wings dancing in the woods on soft beds of moss making us all feel young and alive again. Spring and warmer days are around the corner and thankfully my schedule is filling up with the love of spring and summer: weddings sprinkled with flower petals, sweet little newborns, little girls in tutus and young boys with balloons and neck ties borrowed from their daddys… Can you feel it? Spring is almost here, so capture those sweet memories outdoors before winter is back around! Email me today to book your session.