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Seriously, at 3 days old this little guy was SOOOOO alert! So alert he didn’t want to sleep! But the AMAZING part was his eye contact. Just talking to him he would focus so intently on you it was AMAZING at such a young age!

I really love focusing on all the little details that as mothers we so treasure! The wrinkly pink little feet, fuzzy little ears and teeny tiny finger nails that are so scary to clip! It’s crazy how in 6 short little weeks this tiny creature will seem like a whole different person.

Meet baby “M” debuting at under 72 hours old and “hanging out” like a *Rockstar*!

The details……

I loved his feet, he had the longest little toes!

Sweet little smile……

Some of my most FAVORITE sibling shots. Meet big sister “P”!

Check out the AMAZING eye contact! Remember this little guy is less than 72 hours old!

To the “C” family; it was a pleasure hanging out with you guys and sharing a few hours together during these precious few days! Enjoy him!