Beach Fun! |CT & Long Island Family Photography|Lexi-Bella Photography

Photographing a photographers family; what is that like you ask? Much like a normal session except the normal little “tricks” and sounds don’t work for those kids! So what does a photographer want from their session, well, for me I just want a good old photograph full of LOVE, SPIRIT and emotion! oh yeah, a little eye contact wouldn’t hurt either {wink}

I had the pleasure of photographing Allegra and her family, of Allegra Studio based out of Lynchburg VA out on Long Beach, NY! What a fun session filled with warm summer memories of chasing seagulls, dancing in the surf and long walks on the shoreline that dances and shimmered in the setting August sun.

Allegra It was a pleasure meeting you and your family! I hope these images bring you back to this warm summer day as you dance with “M” in the water and enjoyed the simple pleasures of life!

We’ll start out with one of my favorite family shots! Not your typical idea of a family portrait but I LOVE IT!

Those EYES! Remind me of sweet dark honey flecked with gold! What a beautiful little girl with a spirit wiser than her years! I expect GREAT things from this one! She is a TRUE JOY!

LOVE on so many levels!

I LOVE the way she looks at you Allegra! With such love and admiration!

Thanks for letting me capture your beautiful family, connections and bonds!