Iron-Man|CT & Long Island Children Photography|Lexi-Bella Photography

Well he may want to be Iron-Man when he grows up but really this little one has the heart of a LION!

Sweet, gentle and charismatic are just a few words to describe C. the youngest of the “G” family!

I had the pleasure of spending a few hours with them hiking on a gorgeous nature preserve and just letting them, be “them”!

I love watching other families and how they interact, there is always one member that is the “glue” and usually its one of the parents but this family is unique and really their little universe revolves around sweet little C;  the glue of the G family!


There is nothing like a bond between a mother and her child; makes me melt!


The gorgeous big sisters!

And a little sibling fun!

And because its SO IMPORTANT to always remember that the foundation of family is built on loving parents!

GORGEOUS, Yes, “L” you are stunning and the love that you both share just *Radiates* from your heart!

Sisterly bonds……

This may be my all time FAVORITE family shot! It is the PERFECT depiction of sweet little “C” who really is the center of this family. Notice how he is held by both his parents yet he reaches out to both his sisters creating a “Complete circle of connection” between the family. This wasn’t posed, just his natural reaction.


To the G family, it was so nice meeting you all and spending time with you as a family! “L” I’ve always admired you as a professional and a mother and “C” is a beautiful example of your gentle caring heart. I hope one day, if I ever have a boy that his heart be as gentle and warm and “C”!