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Mother’s Day|CT and Long Island Children’s Photographer|Lexi-Bella Photography

“Of all the rights of women, the greatest is to be a mother.”

— Lin Yutang

Wishing all the mama’s out there a fun and fabulous mother’s day! “Lexi-Bella Photography” would not even exist had I not become a mother! So THANK you to little Miss. Lexi-Bella herself, for teaching me more about myself as a photographer, mother, woman and human being than I EVER could have imagined!

I love you!

*images by Robert M. Fuller of Lexi-Bella Photography*

2 Weeks|CT and Long Island Newborn Photographer|Lexi-Bella Photography

young that is and my best sleeper to date! This little one was as sweet as they come! SO ALERT when awake (See below) and already making great eye contact at such a young age….

I’ve got a hunch that she will do great things with that sweet disposition.

K and C it was a pleasure meeting you and spending time in your lovely home. I hope that these images will help you to remember and treasure M and all of her newborn sweetness!

Why “Hello there” !!

and boy could she “Pose”… can we say, “Baby Super-Model?”

Fingers and toes, 10 of each!

I couldn’t decide if I liked the color or black and white better!

Blessings|CT and Long Island Children’s Photographer|Lexi-Bella Photography

I had the privilege of doing a family portraits in honor of Z’s first communion! What a GORGEOUS DAY!!! But seriously HOT out! Whew…. I gotta remember to start wearing sunscreen! LOL

Not only was Z and AMAZING little model but so was his younger sister E!

WATCHOUT!!! These two are a serious pair of knock-outs!

Many Blessings to the A family! It was a pleasure working with you!

Right out of GQ !

The ever STUNNING “E” ! In her dupioni silk dress!

My FAVORITE 2 of the session, the last 2 frames I shot, subtle differences but WOW!!! These would be BLOWN UP on my walls!

{Sigh} Sooooo sweet!