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DiVA|CT and Long Island Children Photographer|Lexi-Bella Photography

Why is she a DiVA?

Multiple outfit changes, fabulous clothes and a DiVA attitude that makes you go “Oooh”!

Meet E! I photographed her a few months ago and she is back celebrating the Big “1”

B. and B. its always a pleasure! Congrats on surviving the first year! I wish you many wonderful and FABULOUS birthdays!

Stay tuned for pictures from her cake smash! She was a hoot and it deserves its own post! PLUS I like to tease her mom B. with the pictures! Sorry, You’ll just have to wait  a little longer!


Simplicity|CT and Long Island Newborn Photographer| Lexi-Bella Photography

There is nothing more beautiful than a simple black and white image, especially of a newborn. No colors or props to detract from the real purpose of the image, the wondrous and amazing newborn!

Meet E. 7 days young. She wasn’t a huge fan of being posed and moved around but when she finally succumbed to the toasty heater and white noise machine we had Simplicity at its best!


Tu-Tu Cute|CT and Long Island Event Photographer|Lexi-Bella Photography

This party was Tu-Tu Cute!

Tu-Tu themed first birthday party with every detail just perfect from the place table card, to the centerpieces, fabulous cake and menu! What more could a little girl ask for in celebration of her first birthday!?!

Invitation, party hats and gift bags from Mary Had a Little Party

Custom Tu-Tu centerpieces adorned the room and bathroom

Tu-Tu’s for the little girls and Pirate hats for all the little boys! “Tu-Tu cute”!

guests were served mini cheeseburgers, sweet potato fries and pink milkshakes in curly straws!