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Ice-Cream|CT and Long Island Newborn Photographer|Lexi-Bella Photography

In our family we have a saying, “As Grandma Helen always says, “there is always enough room for ice cream!””

It’s funny because this “philosophy” plays a large role in my everyday life! There is always time for one more book, one more cuddle or just one more picture to edit! LOL

A few days ago, 3 to be exact, I got a beautiful email from a new mother who had a brand new 10 day old Baby Boy! Through the email I could tell just how proud she was to have him. She told me that she hadn’t realized how far in advance people book newborn photographers and she was “taking a chance” in writing to me to see if there was any way I could squeeze her in, because  she would just be crushed if she couldn’t capture all of the special little details that will soon quickly fade.

So I did a little schedule juggling and squeezed her in, because, “there is always room for one more!” I think grandma Helen would approve! LOL

So here he is, 12 days young and a true JOY to photograph. M and G I am so glad you “took a chance” and emailed me! I spent 3 hours sweating, oh yeah that room was cranking HEAT, and got pose after pose as he slept. I don’t think I ever worked so focused in my life and boy did I sweat! But SO WORTH IT! Every 40 min or so I’d look up and someone new would be in the room watching and I had no idea they were there! LOL

He rocked it! Really, I can’t say much more!

all ten little toes with those delicious wrinkly feet!

the sucked in lip… OMG to die for!

For Dad……

Sweet little smile……..

To the F family! I wish you a happy lifetime and many blessings with your beautiful baby boy! I hope to see him grow through the years!

Lovely| CT, NYC, Long Island Children’s Photographer|Lexi-Bella Photography

I had a blast recently in NYC with Sweet little C. and her family! Gosh what a lovely little girl! She warmed up to me so fast and was throwing her arms up to me within the first 5 minutes for me to carry her!


First and second frame shot that day!

Its AMAZING to me how different the same image can be in Color and BW! I love showing comparisions

Such a happy little girl!

there is soooo much we can learn from little one! Like taking time to smell the roses!

Why, “Hello there”!

a little “down time” with mom and dad! I love the connections in both… you can just FEEL the LOVE

A little Playtime fun with bubbles! I forgot how magical and fun bubbles can be!

The ultimate LOVE shot!  This would be on my wall BIG! I love it!

F it was so nice meeting your family today! I had so much fun with Miss. C! I hope to see you guys in the fall!

Olé |CT and Long Island Children’s Photographer|Lexi-Bella Photography

So fun fact of the day! I am Spanish, from Spain, Seville actually which is down in Southern Spain. I was born in Spain and didn’t actually move to the US until I was about 3 so English is my second language!

Part of our culture is the Flamenco dress which is used in dancing as well as for the large fairs every year (google Feria de Sevilla)

So naturally, Miss Lexi-Bella is a Spaniard and it’s only fitting that she wear a Flamenco Dress.

Well here she is rocking a vintage ( one of my many) Flamenco Dresses in true Diva  fashion!