June Cleaver|CT & Long Island Children Photography|Lexi-Bella Photography

eat your heart out!

Gosh! It’s been a year already?!?! I photographed sweet “C” last year as a newborn and I can’t believe here we are at her one years session!

She still looks the same!

What a fun family session! Daddy is a musician and loves to play for sweet “C” as she Jams along on her little tambourine!

She is super inquisitive. She will look at you and you can feel that she is looking at your soul and when she’s comfortable a small little smirk unfolds form her sweet little lips. She doesn’t have to say much because those EYES say it all!

Killer grin!

Bringing it back Retro style!

LOVE it!

June Cleaver, eat your heart out!

Happy Birthday Sweet Baby C!