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So what is it like to work with Lexi-Bella photography on your wedding day? It’s a lot of fun! We are currently booking 2011 and 2012 weddings! 2011 packages are AMAZING and all about telling the complete story of your wedding day! Full wedding day coverage and 2 photographers to capture everything from getting ready to cutting the cake!

Here is a quick glimpse into how we work and what we do !

One of my favorite things to photograph are the details from your wedding day! Do you remember what perfume you wore that day, or what your jewelry looked like, or how about the lace pattern on your dress? These are all things I strive to capture during detail shots

The resulting shot

a little more back scene action

A little ceremony *magic* The vows……

the resulting shot; JUST MARRIED!!!

The formals I shoot a few ways, some with more formal posing and other times I just let the magic and love of the day unfold, I’m just there to capture it

Roberts view of me!

For the most part we are natural light photographers, because face it, natural light is just so beautiful and it’s EVERYWHERE! But there is something to be said to learning to work with artificial lighting. I would say that 75% of the wedding day is shot natural light but there are times when I want to convey a different feel, mood or artistic look and that when OCF (Off-Camera Flash) comes in. For those Photographers out there, we shoot Nikon and so we have the ability to remotely trigger our external flashes with our onboard and not have to lug around pocket wizards or radio poppers.

Here is Robert, my second shooter, lighting guy and most importantly, my hubby! He’s AMAZING when it comes to OCF. He knows exactly what I want and sets things up in a *Flash* for me allowing the day to flow soooo much more smoothly!

So here is a shot taken with natural light, simple, beautiful lovely lighting

And with a little OCF. Nothing too dramatic; I wanted to illuminate the couple and separate them from the background and at the same time I wanted the background to look deep and rich.

A little OCF during the Reception…… Just *magical*

the resulting shot, notice my pop-up flash is up triggering my external flashes set up in the room; there are 2

And Robert, who always finds the unique angle! I find my self playing “where’s Waldo?” during weddings, can you spot him?

How about now? Hmmmm Interesting!  LOL

During most weddings, if we have enough time, at the end of the night we try to set up one or two dramatic light “end of the night” shots. While the couple is dancing, Robert and I find the location, set up the light, and do some test shots and steal the couple  from no more than 5 minutes. These have turned out to be some of my favorite images from my clients wedding, nothing like a little OCF *magic*

Light test; who knows what I was saying to confuse the heck out of Robert! Light test is good though! LOL

resulting shot; dramatic and moody

single light test out of 2 lights used… Whatta hunk!

the resulting shot

So thats a wrap, a little glimpse into behind the scenes at Lexi-Bella Photography weddings and how we work! For more information on booking your 2011 or 2012 wedding please email us at: