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unselfish regard for or devotion to the welfare of others

That defines J to a “T”

I was contacted a few months back by J to photograph her daughter E’s Christening this past Sunday in NJ. I was completely honored by the request and knew that this would be a special event and blog post. I don’t want to get too sappy here, and I’m not the best writer, but I really think that attention needs to be made to the AMAZING mother, friend and Human Being that J is!

She is one of the few people I have EVER encountered that has a heart so big and so generous that her mere presence makes you rethink yourself as a person and makes YOU want to give back and help those around you. I have been so moved and touched by her overwhelming concern and generosity for others that it is my goal to really “give back” to those around me.

What is AMAZING to watch is the bond that she has with her daughter, E. I look at them together and there is such an overwhelming sense of peace and love that it makes my heart swell. It is So TRULY evident that J is so very careful in every parental decision she makes and is bringing up a little woman who will have that same large, compassionate and caring heart.

I love watching this fabulously HILARIOUS family together because they truly have an unbreakable bond and a gift to make all those around them feel right at ease!

J and D, You both amaze me with your beautiful hearts and spirits. I am so honored to have a part of such a blessed and sacred day. I am so excited to watch Miss. E grow up because I know, with parents like you, that she WILL grow up to do AMAZING and compassionate acts of selfless love for others as her parents do.

I wish you both a LIFETIME of happiness with that Brilliant blue-eyed little woman of yours!


It’s like a little piece of heaven shinning down and blessing the day!