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Another never seen before image, I was to heavy, my hair was a mess, I was tired, I wasn’t beautiful enough, were the original words in my head when I saw this image.

Now….. I was strong, I was a mother, I made her happy and made her feel safe and connected by carrying her, this was a moment of joy……

So yesterday was a huge step for me in terms of healing from this ordeal. Putting into words the emotions I have been feeling and letting the world know how I feel and the vulnerability that came with it was so overwhelming but at the same time so powerful. This experience has changed us all. But I want to know, how has this changed you? What changes have you made, for the better as a result of this? I want to know. Lets share the joy that has come from this senseless tragedy. Please share this with friends and family. I want to hear it all. I want to try and put together a photographic piece with words of the positive that has come from all of this. One word, two words or a paragraph! How has Sandy Hook changed you for the better? PLEASE join me in this project.  Please post your thoughts on the thread on our facebook page to share with others. If you wish to be anonymous you may email me your words to: Maria@Lexibellaphotography.com with the subject “words that heal” !

XOX Maria

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