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Spring | Connecticut Child Photographer | Lexi-Bella Photography

I can just feel the sun getting brighter, warmer more radiant…. the grass is starting to turn from dull lifeless brown to bright vibrant spring green….. the air is damp, fresh, green and inviting… Yes, I think spring is coming…… I shot today with my shoes off, if you have worked with me you know I NEVER have shoes on… I came home with cool earth between my toes and invigorated for a new year, new sessions, new experiences and so much FUN!

lemon sugar cookies | Connecticut Child Photographer | Lexi-Bella Photography

I’ve always struggled with my image as a mother, I feel like I’m always running, always forgetting, not doing enough, not saying enough, not being there enough. But there are days like today, when I make a conscious effort to create a memory in the hopes that she will look back and remember the day when mommy picked her up from school with lemon sugar cookies and strawberry lemonade and we pulled off on the side of the road on a small piece of grass and sat with our shoes off and wiggle our toes into the cool, damp new spring grass and fresh mud and sang silly songs and how she got up and danced and twirled and laughed…… and for a minute I feel like maybe I’m doing things right, at least for today… ♥