Pāi-Pāi| CT and Long Island Children’s Photography| Lexi-Bella Photography

means “Clap-Clap” in Mandarin Chinese!

See, you learn something new everyday!

I had a great session up in northern CT. I love going to families homes and photographing them in areas that are significant to them; it make the session so special and meaningful!

Meet “A” who is just about to turn 1!

I love one year sessions; they are so bittersweet. It marks the end of a CRAZY year filled with so much emotion, love and growth as individuals and parents and starts the Journey of really getting to know the personality of this tiny little person and how they can learn and change so fast!

One of my favorite shots for a one year session is the standing pose, whether holding on or unassisted! It just goes to show HOW FAST they develop in one year! It still AMAZES me as a parent! And how sweet does she look?

And I love including ALL of the family during sessions! I’m a HUGE animal lover, we have 4 rescues,  2 dogs and two cats and I just ADORE watching children interact with “fur-brothers” or “fur-sisters”!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the little smirk!

And there is something So beautiful, timeless and simple of a good black and white.


Isn’t he the COOLEST?!?!? He is a Rhodesian Ridgeback

Happy Birthday sweet girl!