Little Women……|CT and Long Island Children Photography|Lexi-Bella Photography

There is nothing like the bond between sisters, no matter the age difference, it’s POWERFUL. I have the pleasure of spending a few hours with the M family and all of their beautiful “little women”. Just like in the novel,  each daughter is unique in her beauty, and each one is just as STUNNING as the next.

It was a magical evening, a later session to capture all of the warmth of the golden setting sun. The temperature was perfect with a light breeze  that tousled stray baby hairs. The sun magically glowed and transformed a simple backyard into a magical place filled with Castles, a handsome prince and fairies.

I ran around barefoot with the little ones, my feet filled with dirt and moss grounding me to this beautiful place and moment. The parents snuck away, so for a few moments, it was just me and the “little women”. Aand then the *magic* began to unfold as the sun began lowering in the sky…..

The girls…… all whose names begin with “A”

Just spotted prince charming in the castle! These two are going to be boy crazy! LOL