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Those secret, silent moments between couples in which the world stops spinning and all is silent for an indefinite amount of time and its just them and that is all that matters……

I’ve been thinking about a lot lately, where I want my career to go, what direction I want my art to turn to. What do I want people to think when they view my work? It’s been a long journey, a beautiful one, but honestly at times its been filled with tears of frustration. Most people know, I’m self taught, I’ve never taken a class and have never been mentored. My journey has been self made, and at times I’ve had to remind myself this is MY Journey, no one elses and I must do for me what makes my heart sing. My career before photography was an emotional one, a roller coaster really. As a paramedic I faced death every single day, not just the elderly but children and people who left this world to soon. I remember going home from 18 hour shifts and crying, for those who have passed, their families and myself, I didn’t know how I would face the next day, but I did it for 3 years.

One of the biggest losses I faced when I stopped working as a paramedic was the intimate emotional connection I had with people during some of the most emotional days of their lives. I always found comfort being surrounded by the friends and families of patients critically ill or lost. I loved seeing how loved they were and the important roles they played in each others lives, my heart actually needed it.

Then came Photography.

My new source of emotion, connection and intimacy.

It finally came to me one day, the universe had brought me a new source of connecting with people on an emotional level that no longer emptied my heart with saddness but now filled it with love.

So this is me, my heart, my emotion and a bit of my soul in my work. Making the world standstill for my clients for as long as they need to live in moment, to feel the love, the laughter, the intimacy that we so often take for granted and capture it for them to always treasure

this is, “Love, Illuminated”, Lexi-Bella Photography’s new division just for engagements and weddings debuting soon……