darling| Long Island & Connecticut Newborn Photographer|Lexi-Bella Photography

I’ve started having a  slight obsession with newborns; I’m shooting more and more of them these days and I just can’t get enough! The beauty of them, it just amazes me. The wrinkly toes, the perfect skin, the glistening lips that look like they have been touched by glittered wings. {sigh} they really are all perfection!

I love hanging out with mom and dad and chatting about their little ones. I love how in just a few days mom and dad already know their little one so well. The parents of this little girl knew EVERY TIME she was about to pee or poop, therfore saving my blankets! LOL INCREDIBLE!

It’ the little things in life. Ok, enough rambling. How about a sneak peak into this new Diva’s session; oh yeah she was a Diva but she ROCKED it!