A little story | Connecticut & Long Island Family Photographer | Lexi-Bella Photography

2011 has been an incredible year for me! I’ve met so many families and I’ve finally started to let loose on rules and photograph the way I view the world! It’s incredible for me to go into a session barely knowing many of my families and after an hour or two leaving knowing such a intimate part of them. My job, as a photographer is not only to take amazing photographs but to evoke emotion from my clients. To learn, very quickly, about the people I am working with, and get them to let their guard down for just a bit and just be them in their truest most sincere form…

If you’ve worked with me you know that I’m not the photographer that is in your face and barking out commands. I set up situations, I give a little guidance and than I back off… usually pretty far since one of my favorite lenses to shoots with is a telephoto. I give a little guidance and a few suggestions and then the magic happens on its own…. The images aren’t poses that can be magically recreated since they are real families captured doing real things.

I’d like to think that when you view my work you see a story. Maybe you feel something in particular. Maybe you feel calm, or happy, or peaceful or curious.  Maybe you almost feel a bit embarrassed because you feel like you’ve witnessed such a private and intimate moment. And then you look at the image again, and your heart warms and you smile because its such a beautiful moment. Maybe viewing my work reminds you of your own family, your own emotions.

I know that with every shot I take, every image I create there is a little piece of me in there. A feeling, an emotion, a story I’m trying to tell and share.

2012 for me will be “The Year of the Story”. In essence, capturing families, their sotries, their intimate emotions. I can’t wait!

Will your story be told next year?