A little Closer | Connecticut Family Photographer | Lexi-Bella Photography

Family sessions, they really have become my favorite type of session to photograph. There is just so much going on, especially during a session when the stress level is already a little high because of all the work it takes coordinating outfits and wrangling children into the car and wiping noses and dealing with your own internal battle of not wanting to be photographed, boy I know that one!

The family dynamic is so interesting and I know it well, having had a baby 2.5 years ago I know how that changes the world, your life and relationships. This is one of the reasons, and you know if you’ve worked with me before, how I say silly things like, “get close, like this. Remember, like before the babies?” and how you chuckle and laugh, but its true. Children become the center of our worlds and while they are so very important I often try to remind myself, and my clients, that really, without YOUR relationship, the love between two people that choose to express their love by creating a family that it wouldn’t be possible without a good solid foundation first.  The parents SHOULD be the center of attention because its their hard work and bonds that keep that family in orbit.

So when I take you for 5 minutes while the kids snack in the stroller and you wonder what I’m doing when I put you close together and I tell your partner to “grab her like you mean” it and move your hands lower and closer and say “this is how you hug your friend, and this is how you hold your wife”  and you do it and you breathe deep and wonder, “what the heck, I thought this was a family session?” but you slowly start to relax and your heart begins to warm up and that little spark starts to tingle again. And then I say, whisper something sweet, and you both laugh and I tell you to breathe again and slowly you forget about the madness of the day and you feel the strong arms around you and you remember, like really REMEMBER what this was all about and you breathe deeper and relax and remember how you two were first a family and then with your love have added and you fall more and more in love… THIS is a family session <3

Crazy, REAL LOVE. Isn’t this how you remember the early years?