Engaged | Connecticut Long Island Engagement Photographer | Lexi-Bella Photography

I’m a hopeless romantic by heart. I love intimacy, closeness, connection. I love that moment right before a kiss when your eyes are closed, and your heart skips a beat and you hold your breath and for a moment the universe stops spinning until those two lips meet and it’s a whirlwind explosion of love and emotion. Every couple, every romance, has a story; some are modern, some are classic, and some are urban. But every couple, every story, in their unique way are their own fairytale. These are stories that girls have dreamed of since they were little, because, really, isn’t an engagement session the celebrations of finding your true love? Finding that magic glass slipper that fits, that kiss that awakens your soul and makes its sing, the love that will defy all odds? Maybe it’s just me, but every couple I meet tells a special story and I love capturing it is purest, most natural form.