Cabbage Patch and Dragons|CT and Long Island Children Photographer|Lexi-Bella Photography

Don’t worry, I’m not loosing it, YET! LOL This will make sense, I promise! 🙂

I had the pleasure of photographing the S family as they welcome their new sweet baby S into their gorgeous family!

Here she is 5 days young in all her gorgeous and chubby cheeked glory!

Do you get it now? Well at least one part?

No??? Come on, how about this one?

Thats right, Baby C is the cutest living cabbage patch doll! You know the quintessentially perfect baby doll from our childhood?!? How SWEET is she? Doesn’t she just make you go “Awwww”??

Well while Miss C took a snack break I hung out with Big Brother N and we played a fabulous game of Candy Land; he won of course! LOL

And then we played with a dragon/dinosaur

And Miss C continued to be a rock-star model!

And one of my favorites!

and this one……

And then big brother N and I went back outside and did a little more dragon hunting and had a BLAST!

And my FAVORITE of N! We had just found an Orange blue polka dotted dragon! I’d be pretty shocked too!

To the S. Family, thank you for letting spend time with your family during these precious  few days! I hope these images serve to remind you of how wonderful those young days were and I look forward to watching you gorgeous little family grow!


PS. To N. We will have to go dragon hunting again, It was WAY TO FUN! 🙂