Beauty | Connecticut Child Photographer | Lexi-Bella Photography

There is a lot of thought and purpose to my work that people may not know. Some stem from my personal beliefs, some from my insecurities and some from my deepest hopes and wishes. If you’ve worked with me before, and have a daughter, you might have noticed a few things that I do that you may not realize how genuine they are. I like to talk to all the people I work with young and old and especially with young girls around 2-5 years since this is SUCH an impressionable time. You’ll here me telling them how beautiful they are, how smart they are, how amazing they are. Why? Because one day, I hope they can come back to these images and remember how they felt at 2.5. How they felt Beautiful, and Smart and Strong with the entire world at their reach. And I hope they can pull from those memories and realize the women they are and how they can still, at 16, dance in a field and feel the warm sun upon them and feel the beauty and power they poses. A small gift, but a powerful one.