Baby Q|Connecticut & Long Island Family Photographer|Lexi-Bella Photography

He’s BACK!! One year later and with mom and dad! The famous Baby “Q”! Everywhere I went people would ask me how he was doing after I initially blogged about him! ( See here )Well, see for yourself! He’s a dreamy one year old, just starting to take his first steps, loves to eat and has an infectious smile. He’s an absolute DREAM!

His one year session/family session. Actually, these days, most one year sessions I’m pushing people to do family sessions. WHY? Because these days most of us spend more time behind the camera, myself included, than in front of it with our children. Because 20 years from now you will want these pictures. Because 50 years from now these images will hold more value in your childrens and families heart than any physical possession. Because in a blink of an eye 18 years will have passed and your babies will be leaving the nest and going to college and all you will have to hold onto are these images, a glimpse into those magical days filled with sunshine, sloppy wet kisses, sticky little hands and big dreams.

2011, a year to remember. A year to capture families.

Here at Lexi-Bella our goal is not only to capture these sweet simple moments but create lifelong pieces of art that will become family heirlooms and hang proudly in your homes for generations.


Now, onto Baby”Q” and family!








PSA: Safety is our utmost concern during sessions before artistic vision. We are lucky enough to be able to use these old train tracks and old bridge that have been out of service for over 30 years. We DO NOT shoot on live tracks, infact, in most states it is illegal so please do not attempt this on live tracks!









I’m in love with this next shot. It’s funny, most people won’t view it as I do, but to me this is a perfect family portrait. You see, Baby “Q” is the focus of this image but you can’t see his face but the look of sheer happiness and love that radiates from his parents expressions cause the viewer to immediately wonder about the little guy behind it all. Its about capturing family bonds and connection, this is what we do!






Happy Birthday little guy! I wish you a lifetime of Happy Birthdays!