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Light | Connecticut Children Photographer | Lexi-Bella Photography


It signifies the beginning of one day and the ending for the next.  It brings us hope, joy and new life.

It’s incredible how I never noticed light until I became a photographer, like really noticed how it envelops curves, how it creates drama, how it can bring magic and life to an image.

I love light. I seek it. I spend countless hours watching as it changes, finding magic pockets, learning how to manipulate it and just stare in sheer awe of the beauty it creates…….

journey | Connecticut Child Photographer | Lexi-Bella Photography

the hardest lesson we have to learn as parents is that we can not live their lives, we can’t make all the choices, we can’t prevent the hurts, the tears, the broken hearts or the betrayals. This journey is hers and all I can do is teach her to love others as much as I love her, to be kind, gentle and generous. I can help guide her to make choice but in the end it is she who must decide the path that she takes…….

Spring | Connecticut Child Photographer | Lexi-Bella Photography

I can just feel the sun getting brighter, warmer more radiant…. the grass is starting to turn from dull lifeless brown to bright vibrant spring green….. the air is damp, fresh, green and inviting… Yes, I think spring is coming…… I shot today with my shoes off, if you have worked with me you know I NEVER have shoes on… I came home with cool earth between my toes and invigorated for a new year, new sessions, new experiences and so much FUN!