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Baby Fever| CT and Long Island Newborn Photographer| Lexi-Bella Photography

Well, I lied. J asked me if I got baby fever when I photograph newborns and I said, “No, I enjoy them but I don’t have the itch yet”! Well, hello, I started editing her teasers and my heart continued to melt! This little guy, 7 days young captured my heart and I hope one day to have another. Not anytime soon though! LOL

I had the pleasure of photographing the G family as they welcome Baby Boy F to their already GORGEOUS family! What a fun day and session. The twins were hilarious and it was AMAZING to witness the close bond they have with each other. They had me in hysterics!

The new and ever beautiful G family!

Big brothers C and J. Seriously aren’t they adorable!?

Seriously, HYSTERICAL!!!

And the newest little man, a spitting image of his big brothers! Baby F

He makes it look easy, doesn’t he?!

J. You are an AMAZING mother. I love how easy and natural you are with your boys and how everything seems to come so easy to you! You are an AMAZING woman and how FABULOUS do you look a week after having a baby? SERIOUSLY mama; you ROCK!

For your new house, this is the one I told you should be BIG in the bedroom!

To the G family; thank you for letting me be a part of these special few days! I look forward to watching your beautiful family grow throughout the years!

Grand-mère | CT and Long Island Children Photographer|Lexi-Bella Photography

I was contacted by the B family to do a very special family session with their grand-mère. It was such a sweet session to  photograph. There is nothing like the love and relationship between a child and their grandparent. I loved how the B family wanted so much to capture those fond moments and memories for their children so that they never forget them and the memories will always stay young and alive in their hearts.

Enjoying a French children’s book that belonged to the children’s father when he was little!

I melted when I saw this next one. It PERFECTLY captures the emotional connection between the two.

A few of these GORGEOUS children.  The EYES,  just STUNNING!

Boys will be BOYS! LOL

Luscious| CT and Long Island Newborn Photography| Lexi-Bella Photography

Describes this next little guy PERFECTLY! I mean look at those lips!


This handsome little guy had me waiting in anticipation as he arrived a week overdue but well worth the wait! You may recognize his Big sis, whom I photographed last fall!

S. and C. I am so honored to have been able to spend a few hours with your newly grown family and I hope these images capture those magical first few days!

I look forward to watching T. and I. grow up!

Check out those LIPS!!!

This next one is one of the sweetest capture’s….. Makes my heart melt!