2 minutes|CT & Long Island Children’s Photography|Lexi-Bella Photography

A good friend of mine was in from CO last week with her little one. Her husband and mine were childhood friends and we both met right after high school so basically we grew into adults together. It was crazy weird to sit and look at our two girls together and realize they were ours! Even funnier was looking at our girls who are practically the spitting images of their dads except for long hair!

Miss. A. wasn’t very interested in pictures but rather wanted to spend the time hanging out in the playroom with “Lexi-Bella” so she pretty much gave me, oh, TWO MINUTES to work my magic! I got a few and she was adorable for two minutes, then got up walked over to the door and say “DONE”!

“Ok, I guess we are done”! No messing with this 2 year old!

Luv and miss  Ya “T” and “A”…. You HAVE TO MOVE BACK!!!!!