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Fairytales| Long Island & Connecticut Children Photographer|Lexi-Bella Photography

If Goldilocks were real what would she look like? Would her eyes shine and dance in the light like a cool summer pool with a hint of mischief and wonder? Would her skin be pale like winter snow with a hint of rosy apple blush? Would her lips look soft and sweet like a tender young rose bud? Would her hair spill out in a chaotic state of curls and whisps that formed a halo when she danced in the light?

If Goldilocks were real would her journey to the three bears have taken her through dense forests filled with vines and ivy and small birds that would whisper secrets as she made her way?

In my world, the world of childhood and magic, fairy tales do come true. I create magic and illusion, excitement and wonder and in a single click of the shutter create a timeless piece of art that preserves the innocence, mischief, magic and beauty of your child forever.

In my world, this is Goldilocks!

Choices|Connecticut & Long Island Newborn Photographer|Lexi-Bella Photography

So we are all born with choices, some are easy ones like when to eat or sleep and others are more difficult ones like whether your gonna like the Yankees or the Mets and which parents side your gonna take.

Luckily baby “A” is super cute and I don’t think he’s hurt anyone’s feelings. Who knows, maybe he won’t like either and will be a Red Sox fan! 😉

Squishy lips

Details, because they only stay small for a second!

Contemplating life… or baseball!

Winter Baby| Connecticut & Long Island Children Photographer| Lexi-Bella Photography

So it’s December, and I’m stilllllll shooting outside. I can’t help it. The light is gorgeous and the kids just have WAY MORE fun outside. Lot of breaks to warm up in the car and with blankets and still have a BLAST! I’m thinking you’re going to be seeing more outdoor stuff from me this winter. I’m thinking of some snow sessions with warm mittens, hats, snowmen, snowballs and hot chocolate! I’m still doing studio this winter, but I’m going to be venturing outdoors more!

H. thanks for trusting in me and heading outside! I hope you love these as much as I do!

Happy 1st birthday GORGEOUS girl!

LOVE her expression in this one…