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Motherhood | Connecticut Family Photographer | Lexi-Bella Photography

Gosh I know that feeling. All of the sudden your eyes open one day and 17 months have gone bay and that teeny, tiny sweet smelling newborn you once rocked in your arms is now a babbling, walking, climbing, laughing and talking little boy. And all of the sudden your heart just drops because life is moving so MUCH FASTER now that you have children and you desperately just want to pause time. So you scoop him into your arms as he squirms and you press that tiny face to yours and squeeeeeeze and take a deep breath in because you just want to remember this moment forever… Motherhood.


Red | Connecticut Family Photographer| Lexi-Bella Photography


There is no denying that one of my favorite places to shoot is at the beach; the sun, the sand oh and the LIGHT! Incredible!











Here is some fun stuff, not many women feel comfortable doing boudoir, so what does that mean you can’t have incredible sexy, confident and fun images of yourself that you can show off to EVERYONE, not just a special someone!






I love this, why not be outrageous and dress up formally for pictures on the beach! LOVE LOVE LOVE

Fire Engine Red| Connecticut and Long Island Children Photographer| Lexi-Bella Photography

I was super excited when M. and S. contacted me to do their son’s one year session! He’s having a vintage toy birthday party and they have spent a lot of time planning the most fabulous little one year shoot; little did they know that I was also planning on doing some family shots as well that they didn’t count on! LOL Gotcha ladies huh?!?!?!

I love one year sessions, the celebration of a child(ren) and parents surviving this first year and all of the laughter and tears it brings and at the end of the year you have this powerful bond between parent and child.  Its really amazing to capture and witness, it makes my heart sing!

S. and M. You both are absolutely incredible mothers, its evident in how amazing C. is. When you are both around him you just radiate love and that is beautiful! Congratulations on making it that first year! May your bonds grow stronger with each passing birthday celebration!

XOX Maria and Robert!

I love Robert’s take on this next one!

I love, Love, LOVE this one! Look at how PROUD and confident he looks with his mama’s! Doesn’t get better than this!

Another one I love, just oooozes love and I love how their bodies form a heart!

This one is going to be a HUGE Canvas in their home! Love it!

How old are you gonna be sweet little C.? Oh Yeah, that’s right ONE and boy is he excited!

With his grandfather’s vintage fire truck! So cute!

Last frame of the session, Seriously, I wanted to take him home with me!