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Adoration | Connecticut & Long Island Newborn Photographer | Lexi-Bella Photography

And do you remember that first time you saw him really become a father? Maybe you finally slipped away to take a much needed shower and while you were in there you could hear your baby start to cry again and your heart aches and you panic and run out still half covered in soap and water dripping down and you run into the nursery and are stunned. It was quiet. And there he sat. Rocking. Shushing. Swaying. And Smiling. And he whispers quietly, “Don’t worry, I did it, I got her to sleep” for the very first time. And you stand there in sheer amazement, adoration and love and realize how you have fallen in love with this man all over again as he rocks your sweet baby to sleep……. And the world is perfect and beautiful and this was the moment you were waiting for.


Sunrise | Connecticut & Long Island Newborn Photographer | Lexi-Bella Photography

I remember in those early days the long nights. The pacing. The exhaustion. The bouncing. The patting. The rocking. I remember wondering how I would get through it. Would she ever sleep? Would I ever sleep? Am I a good mother? Am I doing something wrong? I remember sitting in the chair with that tiny body who had FINALLY fallen asleep and I was scared to breathe. Scared to move. I didn’t want her to wake up. I remember watching the sunrise. I don’t think I had ever seen the sunrise until I became a mother. And I started to think about other mothers and how all over the world there were hundreds, Thousands, MILLIONS of mothers doing the same thing. And I smiled. And I knew. I was finally a REAL MOTHER ♥