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Yawn | Connecticut newborn photographer | Lexi-Bella Photography

One of the greatest lessons that motherhood teaches us is to learn to STOP and be in the moment and appreciate all of the little things in life, like your newborn son yawning in the beautiful morning light and being thankful for small moments like this… ♥

Dream | CT lifestyle and child photographer | Lexi-Bella Photography

I love quiet, simple beautiful moments filled with beautiful light. I love images that make me pause and wonder, “what is she watching? what is she thinking, what is she dreaming”. A photograph is a glimpse into a beautiful moment in time that makes your mind wander and think about the past, present and future….. this is “Life, lit beautifully”….

Life, Lit beautifully | Natural light photography course | Lexi-Bella Photography

LBP211: Life, Lit Beautifully

Taught by Maria Fuller

Maria’s ability to capture everyday moments and turn them into extraordinary images is based on her deep understanding of natural light and the many ways to utilize it, as well as the gift of simple instruction, allowing her to guide her subjects in their environment with minimal intervention. This course was developed to allow others to view and capture the ordinary and everyday moments of their life, lit beautifully!

This is an interactive six week lifestyle photography course, taught as three “lessons” of two weeks each. Each lesson will begin with a brief online overview video where Maria will share some of her tips and tricks, followed by a one-hour Q&A session through our online forums. You will then be given two weeks to submit your images, also through the learning forums, at the end of which Maria will host another online critiquing session. During each lesson’s final critiquing session, Maria will indivdually review each submission from each student, and students are encouraged to critique each others’ work. This interactive format – receiving critiques directly from a professional, while also getting feedback from your peers and learning to give constructive feedback to your peers – is truly one of the most effective ways to learn an art form, such as photography.

LBP211: Life, Lit Beautifully